Run for Charity


The Adderstone Foundation is working with Thirteen Care and Support in a bid to raise £200,000 to fund the development, services and support networks required to enable the running of their Veterans’ Projects.

Many servicemen and women leave the armed forces without the necessary skills to make the transition into civilian life. Problems with managing money, finding employment, or suffering from PTSD and other health issues often lead to a breakdown of family relationships, frequently resulting in depression, anxiety and even homelessness.

In partnership with Thirteen Care and Support, Adderstone Foundation’s ultimate aim is to raise sufficient funds to develop an additional Veterans Centre in the North East to provide a secure environment for ex-service personnel to receive the support and guidance needed to overcome their issues and regain control of their lives.

Please be reassured that all money raised by competitors on behalf of Adderstone Foundation and Thirteen Care and Support will be allocated directly to the cost of providing the new Veterans’ Centre. Neither charity will allocate any funds raised to other projects or to cover general operational or running costs of either charity.

In the event that we fail to reach our target, we will ensure that any funds raised will be utilised directly to support the vital ongoing work of the existing Thirteen Care and Support Veterans’ Centre.



Adderstone Foundation & Thirteen Care and Support are officially registered charities located in North East England.


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